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Good Stuff Just for Artists

Artist Planner



Need to get out of Overwhelm Town? Then it's time to ride Train Clarity with my Artist Planner. This is the digital planner you never you knew you needed but have always wanted. 

Artist Planner

coaching call & portfolio review

Need some extra guidance and hand holding on this crazy journey called "art licensing"? I'm here for you, buddy! Get a 3 months coaching call package with me so that you've got every step of the way covered.

Coaching Call


surface design summit

Are you looking to make your mark in the world of surface design? The "I Am An Artist" Summit is here to guide you on your path. to success. 

"I Am An Artist" Summit

'i am an artist' sweater

Declare your creative identity in style with the "I Am An Artist" sweater. Each stitch embodies your artistic spirit. Cozy, expressive, and ready to make a statement. It's time to be loud and proud about being an artist!

"I Am An Artist" Sweater

Art Licensing eBook

My best-selling ebook "How to License Your Art in 12 Months" is an amazing resource for aspiring surface designers who want to know how to get their art licensed by retailers all over the world.

Art Licensing Ebook

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