hi there! I'm a guide for leading creative ladies like you.

building your art empire doesn't have to be all work and no play. with the right strategy, it can be really fun.

Get ready, I'm about to show you how much fun making money with your art can be.

First things first, here's a bit about me. I'm Mable, I'm originally from Malaysia and I wear many hats, but my favourite one is that of a surface pattern designer.  

I've always been someone with a pencil in her hand, doodling away since childhood.  My parents didn't think being an artist was good enough so I compromised and studied marketing, became a journalist, and then, I disappointed them anyway by moving to Melbourne. 🫠

All I brought with me were two suitcases and a heart full of dreams. Eventually, I opened an Etsy shop (called 'Happee Monkee') and sold fine art photography prints, but as it turned out surface design was to be my true calling.

but for the first time in my life, i felt like I had a purpose.

i signed up for immersion, deep dived into it, then devoted my entire spare time working on patterns after patterns around my toddler's nap time and just, trusted the process.

I got an email about a surface design course from a friend. I remember thinking, "What on earth is that? 

in my late 30's, i had to close my etsy shop because it was no longer working out for me. desperate and depressed, one day...

I've worked with some big names like Target, RICE and Nordstrom and it's like living a dream.

My income is diversified and it doesn't have a limit.

I can work any where and any time I want.

i'm so grateful that I took the leap of faith. though the journey wasn't without challenges, i created a life far better than i've ever imagined. today...

I was determined to succeed. Up to that point, I felt like my life was a roller coaster of failure...

x Mable 

I've been there too, and I know what it's like to dream big and want to make your mark in the world. 

My journey as a surface pattern designer has taught me so much, and I'm here to share the knowledge I've gained. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to level up your skills, I provide mentorship and guidance to help you navigate the wild world of surface design.

So, if you're ready to turn your creative dreams into reality and make your mark in the world, I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

Are you an aspiring designer with a passion for licensing your art?

And you guessed it. Now my mission is to help people just like you.

My favourites

The freedom my business gives me!

most grateful for

Family hug with my husband and son in the morning

daily ritual


drink of choice

Show Your Work & Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

go-to book

Chef's Table, Dream Home Makeover

netflix binge

"In choosing to live a creative life, you may feel as though you're going against the flow. Leaping into the unknown should be embraced." - Naomi Joy Yamamoto

fave quote

My favourites

Straight from my scrapbook

I have a small balcony garden and one of my favourite things to grow are dahlias and pansies.

i love dahlias

Gavin (aka husband of the year!). He's my biggest champion in biz and life

my greatest love

Was when we visited Universal Studios in Japan and went to Super Nintendo World.

best travel memory

I was a chubba bubba and grew up in Malaysia for 25 years before moving to Melbourne all on my own.

where it all began

Watch the replay of the Artist Summit I did with amazing educators and TOP surface designers. Learn from them and their expertise!


Join the fun

Join my very kind and supportive art licensing FB group. We talk shop and give each other virtual high fives. In here, we believe there's room for everyone.


I'm here for you if you need some support whether it's a portfolio review or planning YOUR career strategies (cos everyone's path is different).


Ready to be wildy successful?

I love chatting with other surface designer and artists. There is so much wisdom from each interview that I often find myself referring back to it from time to time. Whenever I listen to the stories about their trials and tribulations, it always make me feel seen and a little less lonely. 

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Get organised and plan when to create art to increase your chances of getting licensed or selling on print-on-demand platforms like Society6 and Spoonflower.  This guide also includes 365 days of prompts which means, you'll never have to suffer from "blank page syndrome" ever again.

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I'm a surface designer, guide, coach and I'm so happy to see you!

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