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Here's your ticket to be an artist. Embrace your dreams & unleash your creative genius.

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It took me YEARS to give myself permission to be an artist. As a child, I was always drawing and doodling, and friends would say "You're so talented, you should be an artist" but I never knew what that meant because my parents told that I couldn't be an artist. It left me confused and unhappy. And then one day, I realised I wasn't alone.

After a post on Instagram,  comments came flooding in from the surface design community how they felt like imposters every time they called themselves "artists". I felt like an imposter too! But no more.

It's time for us to embrace who we are and who we want to be. It's time to give ourselves permission to be creatives and CLAIM that title of ARTIST today.

i'm also a surface designer, girl boss, creative coach & educator  helping leading ladies like you grow and scale their creative business.

I'm Mable!
And I'm an artist. 

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Are you looking to make your mark in the world of surface design? The Artist Summit is here to guide you on your path to success. Watch the replay.


Join my very kind and supportive art licensing FB group. We talk shop and give each other virtual high fives. In here, we believe there's room for everyone.


I'm here for you if you need some support whether it's a portfolio review or planning YOUR career strategies (cos everyone's path is different).


Here's your ticket to stop denying your inner artist and start becoming one. Choose your ride.

Artist Planner

This digital planner is made especially for surface designers and artists to help you lay out all your BIG ideas and plans. If you are a go-getter like me, and you really want to improve yourself and grow your creative business,  you'll really really love this Artist Planner.

I've designed each section with love and intention. I've added my favourite quotes around the planner so that it remains a source of inspiration.  Click here to learn about it.

Use this planner like you're building a second brain so you're always on track to your goals. 

Organise your creative ideas with the ultimate Artist Planner


Rebecca Elfast

"A flexible, beautiful and useful tool that will inspire, motivate and comfort you, a gentle friend to hold your hand as you embark on your creative journey. For anyone who is ready to kick imposter syndrome in the butt and get moving on their goals and visions."

Sharon Wyer

"To say you have nailed this planner, is an understatement. You have provided the perfect tool to help those of us who often feel lost and unsure, to take charge (and be completely honest with ourselves). I love the positivity of everything inside. I love that there are so many pages to jot down notes and ideas throughout. I can’t wait to start planning!"

Diana (@drawn.by.diana)

"Beyond its captivating visual appeal, this planner keeps me on track and motivated. It's not just a planner; it is my new go to toolkit that nurtures my artistic growth. Thank you for creating such a game-changer for aspiring artists like me."

Joanne Cave

"It's easy to navigate to the different sections and has everything you might need, from mindset to planning your goals and your artwork. I'm excited to keep using it to reflect on my growth and success as my surface pattern career continues. The fact that it's digital is even better as I feel that often I'm scared to 'ruin' the page of the paper in front of me!"

Word on the street is you're ready to show up and step up in your art business. You're just missing the clarity... and if only you could wade through the overwhelm...

(and never knew you needed until now)

this is the art licensing  ebook you've been waiting for...

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I love chatting with other surface designer and artists. There is so much wisdom from each interview that I often find myself referring back to it from time to time. Whenever I listen to the stories about their trials and tribulations, it always make me feel seen and a little less lonely. 

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Get organised and plan when to create art to increase your chances of getting licensed or selling on print-on-demand platforms like Society6 and Spoonflower.  This guide also includes 365 days of prompts which means, you'll never have to suffer from "blank page syndrome" ever again.

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