Are you an aspiring surface designer looking to turn your creative passion into a thriving profession? Look no further! This ebook is your essential guide to get your art out into the world!

Whether you're a newbie eager to learn the ropes or a seasoned artist aiming to up your game, this resource is packed with valuable insights.

Inside, you'll unravel the secrets of crafting captivating collections, honing your unique style, and effectively pitching your portfolio to potential clients. I'll walk you through the nuances of this competitive industry, offering tips on overcoming imposter syndrome and handling rejection like a pro.

So, if you're ready to transform your artistic passion into a flourishing career, grab the ebook and embark on the journey towards becoming a surface pattern designer.
Let's turn those dreams into reality, one pattern at a time!

My exact process of how I work from start to finish. I even make it simple for visual learners in a chart.

Motivational quotes and gentle affirmations that will inspire you to keep going.
Tips and suggestions on how to price your work so that you can start making money straightaway!

365 prompts, a 30 day Christmas art challenge, and a 7 day art challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

A brand NEW chapter on how to build your social media in an authentic and organic way so they become fans of your work.

Mindset and affirmations workbook to keep you accountable. And much, much more

This art licensing ebook has everything you need...

Calling all aspiring surface designers!
This ebook is your indispensable companion on your creative journey. If you've ever dreamed of seeing your designs on products, this guide is your roadmap to success. 


"how to license your art in 12 months"

the complete guide for surface designers

*Please note that the price of the ebook price is in USD

Not only do I have a mood board and collection template for you, I've also included an invoicing template, and a spreadsheet to organise your pitch list

includes templates like swipe files, invoices etc.

I have ready made templates of pitching emails AND follow-up emails because the money is in the follow-up, friends.

learn how to pitch like a boss to art directors

Learn how to be a visual storyteller and tell a story with your art. It will make your art stand out from the crowd.

make collections that makes a lasting impression

Get ready to launch your career!

Word on the street is you're ready to show up and step up in your art business. You're just missing the clarity... and if only you could wade through the overwhelm...

(and never knew you needed until now)

this is the art licensing  ebook you've been waiting for...

*Please note that the price of the ebook price is in USD

These brave artists took a chance. Will you? 

Jenny Lee
@ hellobriostudio

Finally—a resource for art licensing that is in the format that works best for me! Mable goes above and beyond art licensing in this ebook (it’s even hyperlinked so you can skip around easily)… and also helps you with pitching scripts, how to reach out to agents, how to price, and so much more. Mable also covers artist mindset to marketing and developing a signature style. This is a tell-all guide that I loved to read and will be referencing all the time, not just for art licensing.

Danushka Abeygoda

I just wanted to let you know the new edition of your Ebook is absolutely gorgeous! I got a lot of value from the first edition (especially on pricing and how collections work). The new edition seems just as relevant so far (I'm slowly making my way through it, there's a lot of useful info to get through!) It's a great resource to have and to refer back to for any aspiring artist or designer. A wonderful source of positive energy and valuable info. 

Carrie O’Neal

"This guide covers EVERYTHING you'd EVER want to know about Surface Pattern Design! From designing the perfect collection to discovering the best Instagram hashtags to using, weighing up the pros and cons of working with an agent, plus sample pitch emails - this guide has it ALL and is presented to you in such an honest, beautiful, and easy-to-read style. It's like a Bible for Surface Pattern Designers!"

Melissa Ives

From explaining the ins and outs of surface design to pricing and contracts, Mable's engaging voice shines through with helpful and encouraging advice. This book includes email pitch scripts, a pitch tracker, invoicing template, questions to ask an art agent, Instagram calendar and workbook to help you find your direction in your business, plus more. Personally, I am excited to implement the social media calendar to help grow my presence on Instagram.

Sarah Stewart

There's so much more content in this book than I was expecting, it's a brilliant guide for any artist wanting to licence their art. This book has made it clear what my next steps should be by breaking down each part of the process into manageable tasks. Every page is beautiful and filled with inspiring quotes, stories from Mable's own experience, and practical steps to take to earn money from your artwork.

Maddie Mazurek

Absolutely brilliant book filled with inspiration and some hard truths. It’s a must for anyone starting their journey with art licensing as the information within is invaluable! You can tell the author spent a lot of time on the content and the addition of workbooks such as habit tracker, 'finding your why' and challenges were really refreshing and helped me restart my creativity! This ebook helped me make a 12 month plan on how to grow my art licensing business and I cannot wait to see what will happen! 

Susanne Lork

"I wish I had this kind of book when I started my journey as a surface designer. Although it’s always good to make mistakes and learn from them, it’s so helpful to have that one source of information to check if you’re still on the right track. Mable’s writing is so personal and with so much heart and soul that it felt like reading a letter from a good friend. It’s so motivating and positive and I already started to implement her advices in my workflow. A must-buy!"

Miriam Rowe

It’s the most beautiful eBook I’ve ever seen, and it’s got 150 pages of information: not just about licensing, but also about building a stable, growing arts business! The clickable tabs make navigation a breeze, and sprinkled throughout the chapters are ready-made downloadable templates for every stage of the design and pitching process. There are lots of opportunities to take actionable next steps for your business by following the included prompts and workbooks. Calling this an Art Licensing eBook is almost an understatement: this is an Arts Business Reference Guide.

Ulrika Gustafsson

This e-book is an absolute gem! Mable is personal and shares all her knowledge in a way that is easy to follow. She shares both her own way into art licensing and pictures of her artwork on the final products. It gives a feeling of "I want to do that too, I CAN do that too!" I feel motivated reading this e-book.  She shares everything you need to know, and then some! This is a book to go back to for a long time to come. And for fellow artists, this book is so pleasing to the eye. It is really beautiful!

Janet Federico

How to License Your Art in 12 Months is a comprehensive roadmap for licensing your artwork. Mable does a great job breaking down industry terms and explaining concepts that anyone new to surface pattern design may not be familiar with. The book comes with templates and worksheet pages which are a tremendous value add. The discussion on pricing alone is worth the purchase price; Mable doesn't hold back and gives real numbers and examples. I highly recommend this book.

The good news is, I've learned to have fun with it and make it as organic and authentic as possible by infusing it with my own voice. 

In my previous life, I worked as a writer and I've learned a little thing or two about storytelling. And let me tell you, this is the secret sauce to EVERYTHING.

Your art, your brand, your sales pitch will look very differently once you become a storyteller not *sorry seller.

*Have you ever felt like you were bugging someone when promoting your products? It's time to be loud and proud about what you do!


I'm Mable! The girl who fell in love with art licensing.

Meet your high-energy coach.

Welcome friend! I'm Mable 👋🏻
I'm a surface designer, guide, coach and I'm so happy to see you!

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